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Ondo State, Nigeria is blessed with so many natural and human resources—crude oil, bitumen, kaolin, pyrites, iron ore, the longest shoreline (facing the Atlantic Ocean) in the country etc.

Since its creation in 1976, the state has carved a niche as one of the choicest destinations for socio-economic development in the South West. However, in the face of the need to diversify its economy and bring the needed development to the people; it is important that all relevant stakeholders are brought to the table to negotiate the way forward.

Develop Ondo Newspaper Ad

In line with this, the Ondo State Government via the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget engaged us to effectively showcase via visual communications a readiness to work with national and international development partners for the advancement of the state.

The ray you can see

The Brand Identity for Develop Ondo is an open visual identity system that gives room for a stretch of dynamics from the simple core of driving engagement. It readily answers the call of “This is why we want to work with you”. Understanding that the Ondo State Government is committed to showcasing its readiness to explore ideas and policies that will foster investment; Develop Ondo in its design and expression has an active tone that should spur people to action.

Develop Ondo Logo

The bold word mark is written in offsetting solids and outlines to imply all round inclusion, a visually active way to call attention and spur action. It also implies the steady movement towards sustained development. The rays of the Sunshine state on the last letter of the world is also explored to imply the bright future of great possibilities for a developed Ondo State.

DO it

Develop Ondo Icon

From our conversation with the Ondo State Government, an important part of the campaign was engaging all relevant stakeholders - including the people in this quest to develop Ondo. A call that people could rally around and can inspire people to take solution driven actions.

We found a jackpot in the name “Develop Ondo” - the first letter in each word formed a new word “DO”, an action word that we played on for further expressions of the identity for the campaign. Learning from the Nike campaign of “Just Do it”, we had to do it, this time, to “Develop Ondo”.

Ondo is Orange…

The colour choice was an easy pick, staying true to the colours of the state and emphasising the brightness through the rays.

The interplay on white with black and ash allowed for an engaging call out on all publicity materials like brochures, digital flyers, backdrops, banners etc.

Help Us Develop Ondo…

Develop Ondo Lamp Post

The end result is a unified identity system that has the potential to expand indefinitely.

We have helped the Ondo State Government to build on its intentions with a readily available communication template to engage all relevant stakeholders. This includes encouraging development partners to do more and for the people to be ready to partner with the company to do more.

“DO” is an important word in our everyday vocabulary. The identity opens an endless possibility of opportunities to ensure the mind share of relevant stakeholders so that when they think do, they think “ Develop Ondo”.

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