Reimagining real estate management

As a company that provides services to clients across 12 states in Nigeria, FilmoRealty has grown to become a force in the property management industry with over 20 years of experience

Previously existing as a part of Filmo Group alongside Filmo Facilities Management with services that include Property Marketing and Management, Agency Asset Disposal and Valuation & Facility Management; the aim was to evolve into a leading technology-driven real-estate services company with a name that clearly reflects its offering—realty.

Filmo Realty 01

Taken over about 3 years ago by a young and dynamic leadership, FilmoRealty had a mission to lead the evolution of property management industry in Nigeria by pushing services offered with new-age technology, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, smart home innovations among others. With the influx of technology-driven innovations around us, FilmoRealty saw an opportunity to tap into the future of Real Estate management and more importantly—look and feel like this. FourthCanvas was brought in to develop a visual identity system that reflects Filmo’s evolving operations and help her stand out with a strong emphasis on its fine blend of modern innovativeness and its years of experience in the industry.

Getting into the drive

The brief was clear - a fine blend of experience and modern innovativeness. So, we dived in, established an understanding with the leadership of Filmo on her brand attributes (target client, brand personality, brand focus), her competition and the objective of this rebrand.

Filmo Realty 02

We then moved on to the next phase, to research the Property & Facility Management industry. A major part of our process involves immersing ourselves in the client’s position (empathy) and deriving a direction for the identity that is focused on helping the company clearly distinguish itself as a partner of choice in the industry

Modern, yet bold

In order to arrive at an identity that works, we converted brand abstracts and ideas into visual languages. In several sketches and iterations, we co-created a sleek typography that is simple and non traditional, Sans Serif, with the goal of achieving a modern, yet bold identity.

Filmo Realty 03
Filmo Realty 04

Retaining the core

We were careful to retain the spirit and charm of the existing logo while evolving the brand to appeal to a broader audience. We stuck with the red colour from the previous identity and combined it with a premium grey colour.

Filmo Realty Logo Grey
Filmo Realty Logo Red

Type in bold

Standing tall and bold is the focal point of the Filmo typeface: A forward thinking and modern identity for the evolution of property management among her peers..

Filmo Realty 05

A mark for innovation

The mark is incorporated into the typography as a breath of modernness, simplicity and memorability. It incorporates letters “F” and “R” in a single body. The lid at the top of the mark symbolizes the edge in innovation and the leadership that the brand typifies. There is also a sense of motion in the relationship between the two horizontal bars of the mark.

Filmo Realty Logo Transition
Filmo Realty 06
Filmo Realty 07
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